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Orkan High Performance

Greater joy of sailing in all conditions

The roller furling genoa, mainsail and MPS- spinnaker of the future 
will replace all other sails.

Maximum effect. Maximum comfort. Greater strength. Longer life.

Orkan Sails does it all:
Any type of sail for any boat and any budget - Sail covers that protect - Rigging and other equipment - Cushions that give comfort and elegance - Sprayhoods and cockpit tents - Awnings for any weather - Windbreakers - Winter-tarpaulins - Orkan Sails is quick and efficient service

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Orkan Sails - Bybjergvej 17 B - DK-3060  Espergærde - Denmark
Tel. +45 4920 0826 - Fax +45 4920 0827
E-mail: info@orkan-sails.dk

Last updated 8/1/99