Greater joy of sailing in all conditions

Greater joy

Orkan High Performance

The roller furling genoa, mainsail and MPS- spinnaker of the future will replace all other sails.

Maximum effect. Maximum comfort. Greater strength. Longer life.

Orkan High Performance

It is experience, consideration, and detailing, that make all the difference.

New sails must be a sound investment. They must insure your joy of sailing and the results you dream of. They must be able to be utilized for their intentions - and  they must be able to keep their shape for the duration of their lifespan.
This is the simple idea behind Orkan Sails - and it is obvious in every sail we make.

Quality throughout

We use the latest in computer designing and calculating - but the sail is craftmanship from a-z.
Cloths and materials are all handpicked from the best manufacturers, so every sail will become a perfect whole, that will fulfill all of your whishes and desires - and the design and construction exploit the advantages of the chosen cloth to its utmost, and obsorb all windpower without  impairing the sails formstability.
On every part of the sail, that is exposed to stress, you will find absolute and effecient reinforcements, that underline the quality of Orkan Sails.

Thoroughly considered function

When you use our sails you will enjoy the consideration that characterize our sails.
They work perfectly on roller reefing headstags, because they are designed specificly for the headstag in question.
Mainsails fold perfectly on the boom with fullbattens and lazy-jacks - or roll easier down into the "sailtainer" if you have chosen that solution.
If it is a roller furling mainsail, that rolls into the mast, you will find, that your new Orkan Sail easier rolls in and out. Because of the consideration and the qualiy.

We do not compromise

That is why, there are more and more Europeans choose Orkan Sails
For racing, in the fight for first prize.
For comfortable cruising.
And for offshore sailing - where several Orkan Sails have been around the world.
That is why your next sail is an Orkan Sail.
Let os make you an offer on the right solution for your needs.

Orkan High Performance

Greater joy of sailing - better results - with fewer sails

A few years ago it was necessary for a boats wardrobe to be quite extensive. The amount of sails demanded an intire cabin for stowing and an experienced crew to go on deck to change headsails in all sorts of weather. This type of sail inventory is also quite expensive.
A lot has happened since then. Roller reefing headstags means, that setting sail can be done from the cockpit, - and that the headsail can remain on the headstag throughout the season.
Fullbattens and lazy-jacks has made handling of the mainsail easier - and latest, the rollerreefing mainsail.
Everything has become easier - but a lot of  people have realized, that it has cost them some of their up wind capability and speed.
The roller furling headsail was not quite able to replace the many headsails - and the reefing was a problem, because a reefed sail had more depth, which resulted in more heel.
That is why we have developed  High Performance sails, that are ideal for all sailing possibilities:

High Performance roller reefing genoa

It is already effective in light winds as a genoa 1 and can be reefed to replace the genoa 2, genoa 3, the jib and the storm jib - as one efficient sail permanently placed on the headstag.

High Performance mainsail

An excellent mainsail either with shortbattens, fullbattens or as a roller reefing mainsail. The sail exploits the vind not only for it self, but it also optimizes the wind effect in the genoa, so you will always have the most effective sailplan in relation to wind and waves.

High Performance gennaker

- or "Multi Purpose Spinnaker" as this asymmetrical spinnaker is called, has the power of an ordinary spinnaker from the close reach to the run, but handles like a genoa.
This easy to use all purpose sail opens a whole new range of possobilities for the small crew who wants all of the pleasures of sailing - but have avoided the spinnaker.

These three sails are all you need

We tailor make them for your boat and your style of sailing...

Orkan High Performance Genoa

The ideal headsail for all weather conditions.
For offshore, cruising or racing.

The headsail  is the most imporant sail on the boat.
It  is the sail that ensures all upwind capability, it ensures power through waves, and gives maximum utilization of the winds energy. But the headsail must match wind and wave conditions, that means, an extensive sail inventory with a number of  bags, that take up a lot of space and frequent sailchanges when wind, weather, or waves change.
But  with Orkan High Performance genoa the sail inventory is simplified to only one highly efficient headsail, that is permanently mounted on the headstag. Troublesome sail changes and dangerous work on the foredeck is avoided, as the sail is simply reefed to exactly the sail area needed.
And the High Performance cut and sewing insures the shape and the strength of the sail, so it will maintain the optimum power and suit the sailing conditions at all times.

Maximum effect - always

A roller furling headsail is a compromize.
Every one of the traditional headsails has its speciality - putting all of these qualities into a single sail is close to impossible.
Orkan High Performance is the closest you get.
Design, cut and the use of the cloth qualities makes it possible to combine nearly all of the different headsails specialities into the one:
  • A light cloth in the front of the sail insures maximum upwind abilities in light to moderat conditions.
  • The heavier cloth takes over the stress as the wind picks up when the sail is roller reefed, the sail is cut so as it rolls in, it flattens and heeling is redused.
  • As the sail is rolled even more the heavier cloth in the aft of the sail flattens it even more.
  • Greater strength. Longer life.

    All panels are placed so they absorb as much stress as possible, and the wind powers the boat instead of deforming the sail.
    The sails shape and the various types and qualities of cloth are all harmonized perfectly to the boats rigging, hullshape and weight - and to the way you sail your boat.
    The sails come fully with UV-protection or a separate cover that will protect your sail from airpollution and UV-breakdown.

    Offshore, cruising or racing

    Orkan High Performance roller reefing genoas is the ideal solution in all conditions.
    For racing were the upwind abilities and speed are essential and the weight must be kept at a minimum, The High Performance sail is often made of advanced laminated clothes, such as polyester/mylar, kevlar/mylar or spectra/mylar.
    For combining racing and  cruising there is often used a sandwich cloth of dacron and mylar.
    For offshore sailing were the sail is put to the test by the always changing conditions, a special reinforced and UV-resistent dacron is chosen.

    Maximum comfort

    Reefing markers on the sail make it easy to roll in the sail and set the sheeting angel precisely were you want it for the specific conditions. "Sailchange" is done in seconds, from the cockpit.
  • All panels exploit the cloths stress characteristics perfectly.
  • Laminated sailcloth with mylar/kevlar insures extreme formstability, particularly in racing sails.

  • Orkan High Performance Mainsail

    Optimized for maximum effect, durability and easy handling with lazy-jacks, 
    roller furling boom or a roller reefing mast.

    The mainsail is the principal sail on the boat and serves many purposes: It insures maximum power, it controls the windspeed in the genoa and creats balance to the helm and to the boat.
    The mainsail must utilize all windpower to induce forward motion with a minimum of heel - and be easy to ajust to all wind conditions without compromising the effect.
    The mainsail must be able to withstand the forces, that are inflicted upon it throughout long periods of time to maintain the shape that creats its power.
    The Orkan High Performance mainsail gives you all of this.
    And it is easy to handle, because the sail is developed especially for your boat and your needs. For short battens, for fullbattens with lazy-jacks and for roller furling into the boom or into the mast. Easy and efficient.
    High Performance in all conditions...

    Full power in any conditions

    High Performance mainsails are designed and cut particularly for the boats rigging and its specific requirements.
    If the mainsail is to have fullbattens to increase sail stability and roach, which again increases effect.
    If the mainsail is to be mounted on a roller furling mast, it will be cut in such a way, that it needs no support from battens and be adapted to the specific type of mast, so as it will roll in and out with ease.
    No matter what type of mast the boat is equipt with, the sail must also perform perfecly when reefed.
    That is why the design of a High Performance mainsail is different for the different uses, than is apparent.

    Power and stamina through long panels

    By constructing the sail with many panels, the cloths quality and stength is utilized to secure power, stability and a long life.

    Offshore, cruising and racing

    No matter what kind of sailing you prefer the High Performance design will secure you full satisfaction and joy of sailing.
    The difference lies in the choice of materials, were laminated sailcloths such as polyester/mylar, kevlar/mylar and spectra/mylar for racing, but for combined racing and cruising a sandwich material of dacron and mylar is prefered. For offshore sailing a special reinforced UV-protected dacron is the main choice.

    Higher comfort

    The mainsail, like the genoa is mounted in the mast or on the boom and stays there the entire season.
    High Performance furling mainsails are supplied with a UV protected clew. Sails with fullbattens and lazy-jacks can be supplied with a boom cover that, when the sail is lowered, you simply zip around the sail.

    Orkan High Performance MPS-spinnaker

    Safe, efficient and easy to handle when ever you sheet off.

    A lot of boats, mainly bigger boats have a problem when reaching. The genoa and the mainsail cannot take full advantage of the wind and the speed  drops significantly. The more aft the wind is the greater the problem, because the genoa gets in wind shadow from the mainsail. If the wind is to be taken fully advantage of, the spinnaker must be hoisted, but this big and powerful sail is a just a big a problem for a small crew.
    Orkan High Performance MPS-spinnaker is the solution. MPS is short for "Multi Purpose Spinnaker" - which is the international name for what in the new regatta rules is called an "asymmetrical spinnaker". It can also be called a "cruising-/family-spinnaker" or a "gennaker". This is the sail that suplies the speed and joy of sailing one would ever want and at the same time is incredibly easy to handle in any kind of weather...
    This is a sail were only the advantages of the spinnaker unfold. This is what the Orkan High Performance MPS-spinnaker is all about.
    It handles as easily as a genoa, but supplies the power of a spinnaker. The MPS-spinnaker doubles the amount of efficient sail area. The shape  supplies effective power to utilize in light winds -  the combination of strength and easy handling makes it possible to fly the sail in stronger winds.

    Easy to hoist - easy to handle

    The MPS-spinnakers tack is attached to a downhaul in the bow and is hoisted in the spinnaker halyard and is sheeted as a genoa, but from the stern like a traditional spinnakersheets.
    Jibing is done by berring away and sheeting out, when the mainsail has been jibed you sheet in the MPS-spinnaker on the new tack.
    The sail is as easy to trim as a genoa and the shape is controlled by the downhaul in the bow.
    The MPS-spinnaker is easily hoisted and taken down in the wind shadow behind the mainsail when the sheet is out.
    Because of the genoa being either furled up or taken down, no extra winches are needed.

    From close reach to the run

    With a tight luff the MPS-spinnaker works as a terrific light wind genua and can be used as close to the wind as 50°-60°.
    When bearing away the sheet is let out and at the same time the downhaul let out to give the MPS-spinnaker its optimum shape off the wind.
    On the run the MPS-spinnaker will be in the wind shadow of the mainsail, so here the mainsail can be taken down or head up to the broad reach to fill the MPS-spinnaker. When you are on the run you can also replace the downhaul with a sheet and pull the MPS-spinnaker to windward free of the mainsail and use it as an ordinary spinnaker . By mounting a spinnakerpole or barberhauls(as shown) the power is centered and better controled. The international yacht racing rules do not allow the use of  a spinnakerpole for such a spinnaker.

    Maximum joy

    The Orkan High Performance MPS-spinnaker is designed for maximum joy of sailing in any conditions. The shape of the spinnaker ensures an excellent  use of the winds power.
    The extra strong spinnaker cloth and the High Performance design makes the sail strong enough to endure even the strongest winds.
    The easy handling makes it a safe sail in all conditions - even for a small crew.

    Orkan High Performance MPS-spinnaker is the ideal spinnaker for the small crew, that want the fun in a safe and convenient way in any conditions.
    The MPS-spinnaker has become more and more common on the regatta courses, were its versatility shines through.

    Sailing in technicolor

    Red, blue, yellow, white or green plain or striped. There are vast opportunities when it comes to the looks of your new MPS-spinnaker, take that extra pleasure and make it a sail youíll love to look at and take pride in hoisting.
    The MPS-spinnaker induces power up to 50°-60° to the wind. The highest speeds are obtained from the beam reach to the broad reach The MPS-spinnaker downwind. The sheets are moved forward with barberhauls

    The spinnaker sock makes it even easier

    The Orkan High Performance MPS-spinnaker is an easy and safe sail that provides a lot of extra pleasures and is therefor a sail that you want to use a lot.
    With a spinnaker sok it makes it even easier to hoist it and take it down again. You hoist the sock with the spinnaker inside with no risk of the wind filling it before it has reached the top. When the sock with the spinnaker inside is at the top, all you do now is pull the sock up and free the spinnaker!
    When you want to take the spinnaker down all you have to do is sheet out and pull the sock down over the spinnaker and lower the sock!
    The easy has just been made even easier! Even in heavier winds.
    The Orkan High Performance MPS-spinnaker can also be provided with a roller furler system.

    Orkan Sails does it all!

    Any type of sail for any boat and any budget

    Highly specialized racing sails in high-tech materials. Spinnakers in all shapes and sizes for any purpose.
    Special cruising sails where stength and durability are the most important factors.
    And practical economic sails, that provide you with your wishes within your budget.

    Sail covers that protect

    Practical covers that protect your sails from dangeres UV-light, wind, weather, and polution.
    Boom covers, that can be specially fitted for your lazy-jacks and are easy to use.

    Rigging and other equipment

    The rig and the sail must work perfectly together, that is why we currently work alongside of  the riggers who supply the rigging to make sure you get the best of both.
    We can supply all the things you need to get the most out of your sails, such as rollerreefing forstags or a shackle if that is what you need.

    Cushions that give comfort and elegance

    It isnít always enough that you look good sailing - it is also nice to feel good onboard.We measure out and supply the right cushions, that not only feel new but also look new for a long time.

    Sprayhoods and cockpit tents

    Strength, stability and longevity are the key words in all our sprayhoods - and when it comes to cockpit tents we can make it the way you want it easy and simple. We have the measurments and drawings to most boats - and we will give you an offer on any solution.

    Awnings for any weather

    Through many years on the Mediterranean and a long life in the Scandinavian weather, we have developed a long range of awnings that not only give shade from the sun, but also from the rain. They are also easy to set up, take down and stow away.


    Shelter in the cockpit and a screen for privacy in the harbour is something most sailors want - but permanent windbreakers are usualy in the way of winchhandles, they take your outlook and can catch waves in foul-weather. That is why we have made several types of windbreakers that are easy to put up and take down.


    Your boat must be properly protected against the winter weather when on land, but still have constant air-circulation to free the boat from any moisture. Our winter-tarpaulins insure both - and they are easy to enter when you want to work on your boat.

    Orkan Sails is quick and efficient service

    When you want us we are there.
    At Orkan Sails we are all sailors who know that everything has to be in perfect condition all of the time. We know that the season is short and therefore all repears must be made as quickly as possible.
    And our customers know, that we will do what we can to live up to their demands.
    That is why you always can tell who is the Orkan Sails customer, because he is always satisfied with the sails and the service we have provided to him.

    You can talk to us at Orkan Sails

    Call us, talk to us about your boat. Tell us what you want - and get som good advice and a good price for the right solution and the right quality.
    It isnít necessarily more expensive to choose the best solution - but it will always be the one you will be happiest with. And your boat deserves it...